The New Jersey Parents' Caucus celebrates the potential for ALL children to become
loving, contributing adults.


The New Jersey Parents Caucus, Inc. is a statewide advocacy coalition of parents, families, young adults and youth whose mission is to ensure that families raising children with emotional, behavioral and mental health needs who are involved in the juvenile justice,  child welfare and special education systems, have the opportunity to play a strong and active role as systems change agents who are involved in all levels of decision-making.

  • The FIRST statewide family-driven organization in NJ designated as a Statewide Family Network by SAMHSA.
  • The FIRST statewide family-driven organization in New Jersey funded by SAMHSA as a Statewide Family Network.
  • The ONLY family-driven organization in the United States funded by Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) For Strengthening Families and Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency.
NJPCs Children of Children Program: Help the Children of our Youth Caucus Members. We are giving E-gift cards to the Children of our Youth Caucus Members who struggle with an emotional or behavioral challenge and are currently incarcerated. Donate an E-Gift card HERE or call us at 908-994-7471.  Happy Holidays!


TRANSFORMING JUSTICE IN NEW JERSEY: Declaring Racism as a Public  Health Issue

As a culturally competent and anti-racist organization, NJPCs mission to reduce children’s mental health disparities faced by those races and ethnicities disenfranchised by our current system, seeks to advance racial equity and justice as we declare racism a public health issue.

NJPC recognizes that children and youth involved in the juvenile justice system often struggle with mental health, emotional and behavioral challenges which are often misunderstood and overlooked. When this is paired with racial stereotypes and implicit bias, it harms not only the individual and the family, but the community as well. In NJPC's recent Report — Souls of Young Folk - we discuss the disproportionate prosecution of Black and Brown youth in New Jersey, implicit bias and racial equity. We hope that this report provides insight on our current youth justice issues and that you support us by donating to our Transforming Youth Justice Campaign and declaring racism a public health issue.


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Please Support the New Jersey Parents Caucus

Please make a difference in the lives of children and their families throughout the state of New Jersey by supporting the New Jersey Parents Caucus.

As the parents and family members raising children with mental health challenges, we know too well the importance of finding appropriate services and support, and connecting with an organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for children and their families.

New Jersey Parents' Caucus

Coronavirus Statement

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, it is understandable that many feel confused and anxious. At times like this, it is more important than ever that we come together as a community to support one another, share information, and take action that is guided by public health evidence.

Infectious disease specialist and public health leaders have been meeting daily on all levels of how our society as a whole may be impacted by the virus. Policies on issues ranging from travel to events to facility maintenance are all being examined in connection with recommendations by our local, state, and federal health agencies.

Based upon the current evidence, our places of business, travel, schools, and health facilities are continuing with regular operations. As this is a constantly changing situation, we are developing and putting in place contingency plans and policies for upcoming NJPC work and training meetings.

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New Resource Toolkit -  The Transformative Process of Collaborating with Parents and Family Members: Engagement, Involvement & Partnership

is a new Advocacy Training Report and Presentation that establishes a baseline for understanding how advocates and professionals can collaborate with parents and family members in their local community, states and nation. While most stakeholders working with parents and family members coin the ultimate relationship as “engagement,” the New Jersey Parents Caucus recognizes engagement as a process, and collaboration as the ultimate goal.

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Toolkit Training Report

Tootlkit PowerPoint Presentation

NJPC Telephone Parent Support Group English, Spanish & Ukranian

Please join us for our Parent Support Group via Telephone at 1-888-548-NJPC (6572) in your native language of English, Spanish or Ukrainian.

A place for parents and caregivers to give and receive both emotional and practical support, exchange information and receive referrals to services and supports in your local community.