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Dear Kathy,

Alina Lodge is a (6) month minimum program, however length of stay is based entirely on progress made in treatment.   Alina Lodge was founded in 1957 is globally recognized throughout the addiction recovery field as the most successful for the recovery of the chronic, reluctant to recover, or the relapse prone individual. Those who have progressed in their disease need to be removed from people, places and things to solely concentrate on their recovery. Time is the critical factor for one’s recovery.  We refer to our patients as students, as they are here to learn a new way of life and to regain control of their lives.  At Alina Lodge, students are given the time and support to identify, address and begin to resolve the issues that otherwise served as barriers to a sustainable recovery.  Often alcohol and drug use are merely part of the overall problem, most present with co-existing psychiatric issues and/or process behaviors which will be addressed while in treatment. 

Alina Lodge offers a wonderful Family Program. We encourage families to attend to gain insight into the process of the disease and how it impacts the family and their loved one.  Families struggle with their loved one’s disease. Our Director of Family Services will teach how to establish boundaries, regain trust, strengthen the family bond and will teach the family to learn communication techniques to encourage the family to heal.   

Please find attached our brochure and For Your Stay (what to pack).  Mandatory Dinner Attire – Men: Jacket, tie, khakis/dress slacks or a business suit with appropriate footwear. Ladies – Dress/Skirt with jacket, or a business suit.  Heels no higher than 3”.  Upon admission, we require the individual’s insurance/Rx card and a photo ID (driver’s license or passport). All toiletries (alcohol free),  current prescribed medications (if any), make-up/cosmetics and personal grooming products are to be packed in his/her suitcases. Any and all electronic devices including cellphones are prohibited while in treatment.  Form of communication is letter writing.  Incoming students do not need any money or credit/debit cards. We ask the family not to send their loved one with any.  

Potential incoming students must be medically, psychologically, and financially approved by Alina Lodge staff prior to admission.

If the individual is in the hospital or a detox facility – prior to admission and for continuum of care,  Alina Lodge medical will require the following medical records:  H & P, Bio-Social, all labs, list of medications and the MAR. These records are to be faxed to our Medical Director, Dr. Kudryk at Fax #908-362-9211 or the facility/hospital may email to: The medical department is 24/7.

Alina Lodge is an out of network provider.  Most often a PPO major medical insurance policy covers out of network providers.  Unfortunately, NJ Medicaid or Medicare will not cover treatment at Alina Lodge.

When no insurance is involved, the self-pay rate effective 1/1/2019 for daily rehabilitation therapy including room and board is $495.  Upon admission, Alina Lodge requires a deposit of the 1st (30) days of treatment (non-refundable).  Medical, psychiatric and Rx’s are not included in the daily rate and are invoiced as necessary.

Our admission process requires a financial interview between the Guarantor and Alina Finance.  Please call our Financial Coordinator Leanne Wright for that interview. Her hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST.  Leanne may be reached at 908-362-6114 ext. 241.  Leanne will be able to answer any insurance, and billing questions a family may have.  However, the 1st step to the admission process is the Pre-Admission Intake with the admissions department.

Our website is: and for further information please visit the Little-Hill Foundation at   Alina Lodge is a not-for-profit organization 501 (c)(3).  Alina Lodge is a State of New Jersey licensed treatment facility having accreditations from CARF and JCAHO.  Cost of alcohol/drug addiction inpatient services are tax deductible, please refer to IRS publication 502 at

If you have any questions or a family desires to pursue admission to Alina Lodge, please don’t hesitate to reach out.   I may be reached Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST at 908-362-6114 ext. 224. Again, the 1st step is a Pre-Admission Intake with my admissions department.  If the family would like a verification of benefits, I would require the following information:  Name of the Subscriber, Subscriber DOB, address, Insurance ID# and Group#. Incoming student’s name and DOB.  I will also need the # on the back of the card for providers to call. Once I have the verification is received, I will call the family. Please note that the verification of benefits does not guarantee payment.   

If your organization would like to meet with our Clinical Director and visit our campus, please call me to schedule an appointment.

Warmest regards,

Patricia Schneider,
Admissions Coordinator
Little Hill Foundation, Inc.
Operating Alina Lodge and Haley House
800-575-6343, 908-362-6114
PO Box G, 61 Ward Rd., Blairstown, NJ  07825



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