Youth Justice Action Month is Here!

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On October 1, YJAM (Youth Justice Action Month) begins again. Since 2008, youth justice advocates around the country have come together to organize events and online activities to raise awareness and inspire action on behalf of young people impacted by … Continued

Micropolis Live: Surviving Solitary

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Solitary confinement is a traumatic experience. It’s been linked to lifelong physical and mental health problems, including anxiety, paranoia and depression. Some correction systems are moving away from the practice, especially for minors, but it’s still in wide use to … Continued

New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome

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The New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome is a not-for-profit organization committed to the advocacy of children and families with Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders (ADHD, OCD, anxiety, etc.). NJCTS provides referrals for medical diagnosis, treatment and psychological services; coordinated … Continued

Alina Lodge

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Dear Kathy, Alina Lodge is a (6) month minimum program, however length of stay is based entirely on progress made in treatment.   Alina Lodge was founded in 1957 is globally recognized throughout the addiction recovery field as the most successful … Continued

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