Lived Experience Advisory Group Members Wanted

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Are you interested in joining a research team studying racial equity in New Jersey’s criminal legal system? Would you like to contribute to ways research is conducted to make it more inclusive and elevate the voices of those impacted by the system?

Come join our LEAG!
MDRC and New Jersey Institute of Social Justice are seeking individuals who have lived experience in the criminal legal system to serve on a remote Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG). People with lived experience include:

  • Individuals personally impacted by the criminal legal system (through arrest or incarceration)
  • Individuals with family members and close friends that have been impacted by the criminal legal system, and
  • Individuals working directly in the criminal legal system (e.g., judicial officers, law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and community advocates)

As a member, you will join other individuals with lived experience and researchers to share your perspectives and contribute to and develop skills in criminal justice research.

Join us if you are:

  • Willing and comfortable with sharing your own experiences around the criminal legal system
  • Interested in learning more about research, racial equity, and criminal justice advocacy
  • Ability to commit to virtual meetings from February 2022 to September 2023

What will I be doing?

  • Advise the research team on a variety of topics around the project and share thoughts and ideas based on your lived experience with the criminal legal system
  • Meet with the MDRC research team on Zoom for 60-90 minutes for a total of 8-9 times between February 2022 and July 2023 (an average of once per month for the first 6 months, as well as a few additional meetings in 2023).
  • Have an opportunity to be trained as an interviewer and talk with others in your community about their experiences with the criminal legal system in NJ as a part of the study. We will provide training and support throughout the process.
  • Complete anonymous feedback surveys from time to time

Advisors who are able to be compensated will receive a stipend of $100 per 60-90 minute meeting. $200 for attending an interview training, and $100 per 1-hour interview that they complete for the study.

Please note that we will be convening in two groups of stakeholders that will meet separately. Smaller groups would help us amplify the voices of each stakeholder – we want to make sure we hear directly from those who are personally impacted by the criminal legal system, as well as those who are working in the system. Judiciary, law enforcement, and legal representatives will meet as one group; system-impacted individuals, family members, and community advocates will meet as another group.

If you wish to apply to be an advisor, please apply here.

Thank you.

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