Announcing 2016-17 School Performance Reports

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Note From: NJ ESSA

Dear Colleagues,

Today, I am proud to present the 2016-17 School Performance Reports, which include more information and are available earlier than ever before. These enhanced reports reflect the NJDOE’s extensive efforts to engage with stakeholders like you, and other parents, educators, students and school communities, about what information is most valuable in providing a picture of overall school performance.

We encourage you to use the reports to start school and district conversations about your students’ progress, program strengths, and areas of improvement.

To support these conversations please see the following links:

  • The NJDOE Press Release announcing the availability of the 2016-17 School Performance Reports.
  • Full School Performance Reports providing school narratives, over two dozen new data elements for each school, and ESSA summative scores. The School Performance Reports include parent-friendly Summary Reports and a Summary Report Guide explaining the different data on the summary reports.
  • Social media post and image (below and attached) for sharing the news with stakeholders in your school community. Please use the hashtags #knowyourNJschool and #njschoolreports.
  • Guide for Local Stakeholder Engagement providing information about how school and district leaders can engage parents, students, staff and community members.

Thank you for your help in improving the reports. If you have additional ideas about how to further enhance these reports or for questions regarding the reports and these materials please email


Kimberley Harrington


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