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While parents and caregivers raising children with mental health, emotional and behavioral challenges continue to struggle with the question of whether or not to treat their children with psychotropic medication, NJPC is committed to providing them with appropriate education and supports, which include the benefits of medication and alternative options. In 2014,  NJPC began an ongoing survey, and in August 2015, NJPC published a report – Psychotropic Medication Use Among New Jersey Children & Youth. Once again, we are preparing to publish an updated report concerning medication use among our children and youth and are asking your help in completing our survey. For your participation, you will be provided with a $20 gift card. Thank you.

English: https://forms.gle/w5244NoTi1T5eQk17

Spanish: https://forms.gle/UJV8iLf9baDY49us8

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